Pokemon and Fire-Emblem fans, would you be put off if Nintendo (without changing the combat at all) reworked the presentation into a consistent massive-world presentation?

Thinking about how to make these games look more like modern console stuff in terms of presentation, not that it would really be nessecary to if it hurt the gameplay at all. I just have these silly thoughts I'd love to hear people's thoughts on since big persistent worlds apparently sell systems these days. – Also mentally doing design experiment is fun and useful for me.

In the case of Pokemon you would simply see all the creatures in the world, and engage them just as you would in Xenoblade, but once the engagement began it would be classic turn-based rather than Xenoblade's MMO style, and the world would be much more massive but still have progression follow a set direction.

Fire-Emblem would be more open-world esque, with lots of settlements you need to liberate. You would be able to select units travelling with you at any town, and there would be three major game options – permadeath, hospitalization, and instant restore. Your avatar would lead a group of characters who were permenantly around you in more or less the configuration you chose. Rather than monsters, there would be groups of enemies who were clearly divided by team. The grid would be viewable on command, but would only lock you in during combat.

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