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(Intro sound) Ashley: Welcome to The Know, I'm Ashley Jenkins.

Mica: I'm Mica Burton.

Ashley: This has been a tumultuous week for Nintendo fans, thanks to a number of new launch developments for their next console, The Switch.

First we had rumors of Zelda missing at launch then rumors that Mario took its place.

Nintendo's really been playing with our emotions.


Mica: But as of this morning, we've got word about 2 new titles that may or may not be working their way into the Switch's first few months.

A new Mario RPG, and more importantly, a brand new HD version of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Ashley: Heeeeeeyyyyy yooo!Mica: Codenamed Pokemon Stars.

Which is a rad name.

We've heard rumbling from other sources before so it sounded more solid now.

Ashley: Yes to, like, Pokemon Eclipse.

(Both laugh) Ashley: Well, that's still- Try to keep the squirtles in check, everybody.

We're gonna start with the more exciting of the rumors first, which is of course Pokemon Stars Mica: Yessss.

Ashley: Which comes from Eurogamer who says the game is confirmed from a number of sources and if true, that means that for the first time, a mainline Pokemon title will grace one of Nintendo's home consoles.

We're talking no Snaps, no Colisseums.

Mica: I can just see it now.

Ashley: Straight Pokemon.

Mica: It's gonna be so gorgeous.

Can you imagine just walking around with your Pikachu on the big screen? I'm getting emotional already.

The Switch exclusive title will be an expansion of Pokemon Sun and Moon, similar to Yellow for Red and Blue, Platinum for Diamond Pearl, and it could be seen within a few months of the console's launch.

However, Eurogamer sources also indicate that it may be pushed back closer to next year's holiday period.

Ashley: According to the reports, Stars is well into development, as it was developed by Gamefreak alongside Sun and Moon.

The development teams apparently tag-teams with the work on Sun and Moon and Stars together but paused development on Stars over the last few months so they could polish up Sun and Moon before their launch.

However, development started back up on Stars in earnest now that Sun and Moon are out.

And you know, there's a lot that tallys in with that like, everyone noticed, for example, that all the models are much higher resolution and much more detailed than they need to be.

Mica: And bigger.

Ashley: For the 3DS.


everyone was wondering if that was some sort of future proofing or if we could potentially see a Stars/Eclipse on Switch and that sounded pretty good now.

Mica: Those crafty little devils, they've known the whole time.

In terms of differences, we can expect in the Switch version, Eurogamer reports that it'll feature the same map of the Alola region, which isn't too big of a surprise.

It'll also feature the same art style but with higher resolution assets.

Their sources also say you'll be able to trade Pokemon between Stars, Sun and Moon via Pokemon Bank, which is so exciting! Ashley: Now in terms of other changes, it might be best to look at Pokemon Yellow or Pokemon Platinum, which also released as expanded third entries to their respective generations.

Each of those brought a number of changes that were unique to their third version.

Pokemon Yellow, for instance, ditched the Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur starters for the anime favourite Pikachu, along with a slightly different story.

Now, you could pick up the original starters along the way but for that game Pikachu is your bae.

Mica: As you always will be in my heart.

The changes between Platinum and the Diamond Pearl were more extensive, and might give us a few more indicators about what we can expect from Stars.

In Platinum, Winter came to the Sinnoh region, changing up the aesthetic look of the game from its counterparts.

Plus, 59 more Pokemon.

Now there were also some massive storyline changes with that one, which included access to a brand new playable area and remixed versions of the region's towns Mica: It'll be interesting to see how Pokemon Stars takes advantage of the Switch hardware over that of the 3DS as well.

While Sun and Moon are very well reviewed, one of the primary complaints is that they often suffer from performance problems for those who haven't invested in the new 3DS.

Ashley: NEW new 3DS.

Mica: The new new 3DS.

Ashley: Not just "a new 3DS" but "THE new 3DS".

Mica: Usually when Nintendo releases Pokemon expansions, they appear on the same hardware as the previous versions.

Ashley: Yeah, really putting this game on the Switch shows just how much their talking the launch of this console very seriously.

There have been rumors that a proper Pokemon entry would be heading to the Switch since this summer with sources indicating that Nintendo was doing everything they could to make sure Switch had a solid line up.

And in fact, the CEO of The Pokemon Company specifically said "We're working on a Pokemon game for the Switch.

" And everyone went yay! But we didn't realise it would come quite this soon.

Mica: So we're all happy.

Everything we've heard is a very solid line up from Nintendo Switch which we learned this week might now include a 3D Super Mario game.

Plus, Switch ports for both Skyrim and Splatoon.

But that's not all.

Because another report now claims, in addition to those titles, Switch will be getting a brand new Mario RPG on launch day.

Ashley: And this story comes from Let's Play Video Games who seem to have a borderline psychic link to Nintendo for all the leaks they've been releasing.

They're saying that sources at Ubisoft and Nintendo have confirmed a Day 1 Ubisoft Mario and Rabbids crossover.


The Raving Rabbids and Mario.

I guess they were over their Sonic collaborations.

It's weird but it's definitely not 'the weirdest thing' Ubisoft has ever done.

Mica: Very true.

According to the report, the working title is Mario RPG Invasion of the Rabbids and its being developed in close conjuction with the watchful eyes of Nintendo.

The actual plot involves Rabbids invading the Mushroom Kingdom because of video game reasons.

Ashley: Of course.

Mica: And a Rabbid version of Bowser serving as the main enemy, cuz, you know.

Ashley: Oh, that just sounds cute.

Mica: Of course.

There was Meowser and now there's Rabbid Bowser.

Mica, softly: Meowser.

Mica: This will play out like a traditional Mario RPG.

However, other sources are claiming it plays more like a tactical RPG , closer to something like X-Com.

Ashley: Or maybe Final Fantasy Tactics.

(Mica gasps) So now that this is all shaking out, it sounds like we got a really interesting potential line up for the first 6 months or so for Switch.

We're talking new Super Mario, Mario RPG, Splatoon, Skyrim, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Pokemon Stars, unless that ends up in holiday, and potentially even ports of Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

As per other recent rumors.

Mica: Wow.

That's just- That's a lot! Ashley: That's pretty good! Mica: That would have to be one of the most solid line ups in Nintendo console history.

Or like any console history, now that I'm thinking about it.

Looking back at previous launch window titles, Nintendo 64 had Super Mario 64, Pilotwings, Turok Killer Instinct, Mario Kart, Wave Race 64, and the Star Wars Shadows of the Empire in its first six months.

Meanwhile, Gamecube had Luigi's Mansion Pacman, Smash Bros Melee, Eternal Darkness in that console's first 6 months.

Ashley: Things took a little bit of a turn for the next 2 consoles, though.

Despite selling incredibly well early on, the Wii had downright atrocious launch window besides Wii Sports and Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario and Mario Party 8.

The Wii U was even worse that that with new Super Mario Bros U, Ninja Gaiden 3, Lego City Undercover and new Super Luigi U.

Which, they weren't bad games, they just- They weren't as heavy hitters and there weren't as many of them.

Mica: I didn't know half of those existed.

So, ouch.

Fortunately, early indicators are that Nintendo is not looking to repeat those same mistakes this time around.

Let's hope that things keep sticking the course, and maybe there'll be a few more surprises come January, when Nintendo shows off this line up to the press.

Ashley: You know they've gotta be hoping they've just got some surprise left that doesn't leak in the meantime.

I'm really happy that- you know, they admitted I know that Reggie Fils-aime admitted that they needed to have more games, they need to pay a lot more attention to their launch line up this time around.

That was one of the things they've learned from Wii U.

So, if this line up is any indication, if its the actual launch line up that's pretty spectacular.

Mica: Switch is gonna rock it.

Ashley, whisper: I think so anyway.

Ashley: What do you think of Pokemon Stars and a new Mario RPG coming to Switch? Let us know in the comments.

Mica: For more updates on Nintendo Switch titles, 'like' this video and subscribe to The Know.

Ashley: What would Stars do? Cuz th- Sun is, Sun and Moon obviously have their time thing that they can , they can switch between.

That's like their "schtick".

What can Stars do? Mica: Space.

Pokemon in space.

Mica: I want Pokemon in space.

Ashley: Yeah, that'll be cool.

Mica: Yeah!.

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