Power of Show and Tell to Drive Console Sales?

A lot of people on many different forums keep going back and forth over what their casual friends have experienced from watching the reveal and analyzing the general audience reactions to the switch in order to estimate sales.

What I feel will sell this console more than anything, and this happened with the Wii which made it a success, is the power of show and tell. Imagine one friend brings the switch to school. Shows it off, explains what he likes about it, and really becomes the advertisement for the switch itself. He mentions they could all play at lunch together if they all had one. Imagine going over a relative's house, your kids play with their switch. Instant buy on your part next, and so on and so forth.

Seeing the switch start to pop up all around you will be the major selling point to the switch as the nay-sayers really don't see the massive potential this has on gaming. I won't say the switch is the most optimal version of universal gaming on the go we could have received but the concept of it, and if it takes off, gaming on the go will never be the same.

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