PPAP Nintendo Switch Version | Parodie und Fail

I've got a Wii I have nothing Öööööh! Nintendo Nix I got a bum And Fail Öööööh! The console's switch you son of a bitch Jo, her Picker! I got my interns dismissed and Carry again even my videos because he has researched s**t The video I'll show anyway because on Twitter, the majority voted for And we finally live in a Picktatur here in this channel Where everyone has something to say The Upper Picker nevertheless that does what he wants, hee? So, here the trailer Now shows the detail Oops, I stole from Lizbaer the idea, but now really.

Action! My Gaystation no longer satisfies me! Sometime good for my Wichsbox nothing, because you have to make other arrangements! STOP! That everything remains as it is here! And there will be nothing here to shake off! Aaah, so everything stays the same? Can nix as well as.

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