Pre-order nightmare! :( (Actual nightmare not some sort of real problem..)

Couple of weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and pre-order disputed my reservations! Didn't realise I was so excited until now. So last night I had my first switch dream, my pre-order arrived super early and for some reason I only at that point realise I have no games! So of out I go to buy Zelda.. first shop I try, sold out. Not to worry I think it's a small store the big ones will have it. Next store there's a guy walking out with it as I go in, "yes they have it!" I assume. Get to the till, "we just sold the last one, we have it for wii u if that's any good?…" I give him a disgusted look and leave. Start to panic at this point and then think, what about good old Amazon prime now, I can have I delivered in the hour! Log in and it's out of stock!! Didn't give up at this point but woke up before getting to the next shop. I'm obviously more hyped than I realised… (And yes I have since pre-ordered Zelda just in case!!)

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