Pre-Order tip, worked for me.

Hey, if you are anything like me you have been told about nowinstock and zoolert for grabbing pre orders. The problem is, these program auto refresh too slowly and nowinstock does not have Best Buy Canada – which is where new stock is appearing (likely from cancels).

Get Distill Web Monitor extension for Chrome or Firefox. Very Easy to use and setup. Chrome seemed to have issues loading BestBuy so I had to run Distill through Firefox, no big deal. Highlight the item you want to monitor for changes as the greyed out "add to cart" or even "sold out online." I had this program setup for phone alerts, but it was sending me a lot false alerts – likely to get you to pay for the past 30 emails you get free. Simply run the web browser in the background at a work computer, school, at home gaming, ect. Have a sound play (easy to setup in settings) and ensure it will refresh every 5 seconds. Listen for the sound and be ready to login in to Paypal ASAP. Have your credit card info on your paypal so all it is, sign in, buy, confirm, done. They got sold out within seconds, you have to be fast.

Good luck!

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