Predict the Metacritic scores of the Switch’s 5 biggest games.

Breath of the Wild: Mine is 96.It's gonna be high, but thanks to the rise of fanboys & messy journalism, there's never gonna be another popular game that reaches 98/99 again. Metacritic is even letting recent reviews count to Ocarina Of Time's score (literally why)… and they're obviously there to bring the score down (I see their s**t), but it's fine.

Splatoon 2: 86, because I think there's gonna be improvements, but the game looks kinda similar as the Wii U version so idk. I also think they'll make the Single play campaign much more deep, and people will love it. I hope it gets higher bc I loved the first one.

ARMS: 84, it looks fun as s**t but i don't think the reviewers will get past the "it looks like Wii boxing again" mentality. It's tragic, but hopefully I'm wrong & the extra unannounced content blows is away.

*Xenoblade Chronicles 2: 90, *bc a lot of the people which made the Wii game get a 92, are back, so i think it's going to be really close to the original one. Plus the story looks amazing already. Big open world, great graphics, this one is gonna be awesome.

Super Mario Odyssey: 103, 3D Mario is immune from being trash.

Okay fine, Super Mario Odyssey: 97, ITS going to be another galaxy. It looks amazing. It looks exploratory, Mario has such a personality we loved from Luigi's Mansion. The gameplay is gonna lift this game to iconic statuses, and I can't wait.

Your turn 🙂

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