Price comparison of the XB1, PS4 compared to the switch.

I was looking at prices compared to the ps4 and XB1. In canada the switch is only 20 dollars more then the ps4. ps4 Yes you can get a game bundled with the ps4, but i'm not a huge fan of COD or uncharted. So yes i'll have a game with the console is it one i'll enjoy, maybe maybe not.

The XB1 bundles get way more confusing. There are a total of 13 bundles you can chose. Ranging from 289.97(reg 319)-499.99 XB1 Now the bundled packages vary from Gears of war to halo to BF1 and choose your own game bundle, which is just 4 games you can choose. From what i can see the xb1 is cheaper then the switch. But depending on which package you want to get, it becomes almost on par with the switch.

Now accessories, The Joy cons are a 100 dollars canadian Joy con I can't find a price for the pro controller Canadian, but US i think it's 80 dollars. Which is roughly 90 dollars Canadian. The nice thing is you don't need another controller right away. Just hand the L/R joy con to a friend and enjoy. The xb1 controller is 74.99 It's on sale for 60 bucks right now. If you don't want to keep around rechargable batteries you have to add in another 30 dollars to get the battery pack 29.99

The ps4 controller is 74.99

Now from what i can see the Nintendo switch isn't really all that much more than the competitors. Yes 100 dollars for another set of joy cons is hard to swallow. With those joy cons you have HD rumble the NFC reader and the IR sensor. Which adds to the cost, but over all it's a very good deal considering you get 20 hours of gaming out of them compared to the ps4 and xb1.

What i can see the nintendo switch is on par with the xb1 and ps4 in terms of price. Now value for dollar is up to the consumer.

People will say XB1/ps4 has so many more games to choose from etc. While that will be true how many of those games can you enjoy with friends and families. Yes their is the online play but i love couch coop it's just so much more fun.

TL DR: The switch isn't that much more than the xb1 and or ps4. It's up to a person to judge on value to fun. I think nintendo has good concept on their hands. Can they showcase that concept in a fun unique way? We have to wait and see.

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