Pro/Con list for Switch (Please suggest entries!)

With all the hype and varying degrees of disappointment and excitement, I thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. This Pro/Con list will be ongoing (hopefully), and I'll put in the first couple entries. Also, because there has been much debate about some aspects of the Switch, I will be making a Middle category. Feel free to make suggestions about those ones as well.

In addition, any pro/con that is not directly from Nintendo or fully confirmed/denied will be in italics.


  • Very powerful/good-looking portable device
  • Out-of-the-box 2-player local multiplayer (sorta)
  • Nintendo games (that is, if you like Nintendo)
  • 8-player local multiplayer capabilities
  • Game Cards


  • Inherently weak home console (performance can't necessarily be determined before we get more information)
  • Pricey accessories (going by many initial reactions)
  • Paid online
  • Smartphone app for online
  • Small launch lineup (there may be games that haven't been announced yet)


  • Battery life – said to be 2.5 – 6 hrs. Many think this is too little, but some have also mentioned that technically it is rated better than the 3DS
  • Small internal storage capacity – SDXC card capabilities rumored up to 2TB when they exist and Game Cards should handle most of the storage problems
  • Cost – Adjusted to inflation the Switch is technically the 4th cheapest console in history at launch. I got that from a previous post on this subreddit so let me know if that truly is correct.

Looking forward to your additions!

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