PS4 vs Switch – Personal opinion

I've told myself I wouldn't buy a PS4 unless they announced TLoU2, and well they just did. So it looks like I'm going to buy that, and that leaves me wondering where the Switch will fall for me, mainly concerning cross-platform games.

I'm planning to get the Switch first for BotW and the new Mario (everything first party), but I also think single player games are the perfect fit for the on the go factor (Mass Effect Andromeda!). That's just as an example, Insert Skyrim or anything else there.

But when it comes to Things Titanfall 2 or other future multiplayer titles, my brother owns a PS4 and that already has a larger install base. How many people who own both a current gen console and the Switch would choose the Switch for multiplayer?

My main worry is more people would choose another console besides the Switch, and that could lead to a lack of third party support. Somehow, Nintendo needs to give a reason for people to choose their system over the others for multiplayer.

TL;DR I'm probably going to get a PS4 for multiplayer and a Switch for first party and single player games with recent game announcements for the PS4. How will Nintendo have people choose their console over the others for multiplayer?

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