Publishers with games announced, the good, the bad, the WTF. My thoughts on the announced games list.

Seeing all the Indy devs in the list is a bit scary for me, but weeding out the good publishers gives me hope that we will see some great games on the Switch. There is a really good amount of Support from Japan, but little to none from the big US names.


Ninendo's great First party lineup.


Third parties with high support(some with exclusives)

Square-Enix – Lots of great games comming our way

SEGA/ATLUS – Some interesting titles comming, lets hope for more.

Arc System Works – Not real familiar, but looks like some great games.

Bandai-Namco – Potential here. Really interested to see what the Tales game will be.

Koei-TEcmo – See above.

Ubisoft – Interested to see what come from Ubi, rumors early on sounded promising, but we have see little aside from Just Dance.


Third parties with 1 or 2 multiplats – hopefully their games do well, and we see more from them.

EA – Not for me, but a third party that will draw in many people.

Capcom – One game, but hopefully we see more.

Take2- I do not care for sports games, but hopefully we will see more from Take 2

Bethesda – A port of an older game, but here is hoping for their next few titles as well.

Microsoft – 1 game, but a title that will sell, maybe they will treat it like a handheld, and release games for it as they have for GBA/DS

Good and Terrible:

Indy developers that actually want to make a good game, and sometimes succeed.

Quite afew of these, but I am not real familiar with them, so I will not go into detail.

The Worst:

TONS of INDY Devs porting games that should be left on cell Phones…

The WTF:

THQ – Announcing a port of a 14 year old GC game?

What are your thoughts?

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