Question about resolution and the games

Are the games being designed around the resolution of a bigger TV with downscaling for use on the portable Switch, or is it being designed around the Swtich and being upscaled when plugged into the TV? Consideirng investing in a bigger TV but I only have one console until the switch arrives (it will be my second), unsure if a nice TV would increase the experience of playing certain swtich games or I should instead just invest in more games and play switch screen.

Edited in -> By nice tv I mean a relatively large 4k

Edit #2 -> The consensus is that the games will be either designed for the portable console or the tv at 1080, but it won't look bad on the one it is not designed for. The only con is some games may begin looking stretched if played on a big enough TV. This basically means I can invest in a slightly cheaper TV over a 4k for the purposes of the switch.

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