[Question] Buying Switch on April – will it be in stock?

First of all I wanted to say that I live in Japan, and the hype for Switch in here is probably a lot bigger than in Eastern Europe where I come from originally – please keep that in mind.

I plan to purchase Switch in early April – hopefully from a normal electronics store for a normal price. However, I'm not sure if the console will be in stock. I know that the supply is determined on many factors and it's a little bit early to speculate, I just wanted to ask about your experience with purchasing previous consoles?

As a side note to why I'm asking such a question – I never bought a console so early in its life cycle – my usual modus operandi is to purchase a console at the very end of it's support. The only other experience is my purchase of NES Mini for double the price from some reseller, but we all know that NES Mini suffers from some serious shortages.

I'm a total console noob, sorry.

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