Question for those who loved their Wii-Us! (Vita lovers planning on Switching over might relate to this too.)

So this generation my experience with the Wii U has been an odd one; I own a PS4 and a 3DS and they both have some fantastic titles, but I have sunk by far the most hours into my Wii-U, finding my life happily consumed by games I likely wouldn't have tried had my choices not been a bit slim on it (Monster Hunter, Pokken, FAST Racing Neo, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Bayonetta – games I now would buy sequels to on anything for a €100 each). There was this sense of secret community in the collection of games I built, a weird thrill I really enjoyed.

Now obviously I want the Switch to succeed fantasticly and for my options to be blown wide open, but am I the only one who feels a little like they might miss those days soon.

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