R.I.P. Miiverse. My favorite moments

I'm sure I'm in the minority's but I'm going to miss miiverse. Sure it was slow and not very well integrated into most games but it made spatoon a new game every time you fired it up. Especially during splatfest. It was Nintendos very own social network that actually made some games more fun. Super Mario 3D world allowed miiverse post to be displayed on the world map. I also love Mario makers miiverse integration. There was also some untapped potential with miiverse stickers serving as achievement. Smart additions to miiverse would've been adding more features to smart devices such as drawing. Adding color options. Adding unlockable stickers to more games. Integrating it more seemlessly into the OS so it didn't take so long to post or open up. Miiverse you shall be missed.

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