[Rant] Nintendo, I love and appreciate you, but if you give me motion controls one more time I am gone for good as a customer.

Let me start off soft. I love the switch and have pre-ordered the neon version. I am excited for the future of Nintendo and the success of all of it's employees. You have created an amazing console that has gotten me the most excited I have ever been since I sat in line for the wii release. I will be in line at 12 am for the first time in years. To be blunt you screwed up Nintendo. You took money out of my pockets and everyone's pockets who will buy thing console. Motion controls again Nintendo and haptic feedback rumble?! Nobody asked for this. This is an addition that caused the price of the switch to surpass the $250 it should have been and we all have to pay for it. Now you sell 2 joycosts for 90 dollars?! Dude those things would have been 50 dollars for 2 or $25 dollars each without all of that forced technology. Now the average consumer that just wants to sit on the couch and play a game like the way it's always been has to pay more money just to game with friends and family. How is my whole family supposed to enjoy these great family games if we can't afford the extra freakin joycons. For $90 on the cons and full price family 1-2 loseallyourmoney game my entire family can go out to a water park or grill out some burgers. Some constructive criticism. Stop being that stepdad that always tries to buy his kids love with shiny novelties. Be the real dad we all deserve and do what's actually best for your kids instead of what you think is best. clean up your act Nintendo. We want to game on the couch and with friends not flail our arms around. True family joy comes from the great gaming experiences you gave us with good affordable gameplay with quality products. When I was a little kid we didn't have much, but we did have a Nintendo 64. My mom, dad and I all sat and played Mario kart 64 for hours with the biggest smiles on our faces. We were having fun, not because we had motion controls, but because we were all together, playing a great game on a great console. You don't need motion to please a family. All you have to to is put that heart into your game development. Sell your games not your technology Nintendo. The games are the reason we believed in you. They are the reason we are all here today. I am still getting my switch but don't do this again Nintendo.

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