[RE-UP] [RUMOR] More information on Eternal Darkness 2

According to my sources at Nintendo, Nintendo would already be producing a new Eternal Darkness since 2014.

It seems that with the return of the fame of the genre Survival Horror with the Outlast game, motivated Nintendo to produce a new game of the franchise Eternal Darkness.

The game will be very similar to the currently released Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It will be a first person shooter but with Terror.

The game will bring the famous Sanity bar back, only in case, it will have different effects from the first game. For example, when your Sanity bar is at zero you may suddenly have Jump Scares or appear "fake" enemies that will only spend their bullets, among other "healings." You will be able to heal your sanity with a casting that you think by "phase".

Another thing about the gameplay that my sources said and that you have a limited number of resources and that you will know the story through notes.

About the story, my sources did not say much. They said that you will be able to control three characters in the course of the game. The game has amazing graphics and the game will be released by Nintendo Switch.

Finally, the game still has no date and my sources also do not know when it will be announced, but I think it should be announced at E3 … let's wait.

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