REACTION: Nintendo Switch Preview Video

hey guys it's me steamjoe and just like everyone else today I found out that nintendo is releasing a new console call the Nintendo Switch which is a very unique name but like everything else in Nintendo doing they're trying to be cutting edge and different.

They released a teaser trailer today showing the device in action i will be reacting to that trailer and i will give you my thoughts on the machine ok so click start and let's watch.

so far the video very good quality, there's Zelda.

okay so there is the docking station right there And as you can see you can separate it and attach it to the screen and now it's a handheld so it went from a console to a handheld Zelda looks very beautiful.

I think the processor in the Switch is a Nvidia custom-build so this thing is packing some power.

As you can see cartridges are back for the games Now he's taking it on the airplane.

So look at that, you can separate the two sides and you can use the middle as a screen! That's different let's go That looks like Skyrim right there.

You can attach a controller.

Okay so now this is showing the 2-player aspect of it.

oh so you can use the little sides I think they are called Joy-Cons you can play 2-player games with them.

That's Mario Cart 8.

Okay Aww look at that! That's 4 player gaming right there ha!.

So that's two screens and 4 Joy-Cons, ha! I wonder if it connects via Bluetooth That's Mario right there, ha! In HD The graphics are pretty good But it's showcasing from console to handheld aspect Which is intriguing I think that's different Okay.

Ha! They are drawing up plays Oh Splatoon, I haven't played this yet but I really wanted too.

That's pretty cool haha! Splatoon does have tournaments if I am correct That's nice! That's cutting edge right there It's a nice commercial so far they are showing all of the different races playing the game, all different scenarios where you would want to use the handheld or a console Coming March 2017 ha! Well imma tell you Switch is better than NX HAHA! I was getting kinda tired of that name.

And I think that is it, yep.

ok so that's the end of the video and look like this device is going to be unique just like how the wii was when it first came out ,the wii U kind of fell into the trying to be like the wII but just with with HD when I thought after the wii was done selling everybody was really tired of motion sensor controls and everything they wanted something different and that's why wii U wasn't as successful as it could have been but with this one they're promoting you can take your handheld and turn into a console or vice versa which is pretty cool what I want to see is battery wise how long does it is as a handheld and also maybe more specs on how the 2 player controls work because it shows it you know in action on the video but I know specs will come soon and all of that on how it would work but it seems like you just detach the two sides the two control sides and you give one to somebody you take the other one and you can actually play just like that but i wonder if there's limitations to when you are playing on a two-player game because it seemed like all of the buttons that you get on normal controller if you just broke off one of the sides you wouldn't get that you just get a joystick and four face buttons so it's some more aspects I want to see to get a grasp on what's going on but so far but so far Nintendo is trying to push the envelope with this one But thanks guys for watching my reaction I do appreciating it like, comment, share and subscribe and stay tuned for more and as always steamjoe out.

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