Reasons why advertising Switch solely as a portable device is a terrible idea

I see this as a common theme on this sub, people think Switch should be advertised as a portable. Perhaps to lower expectations or something. Here's a list of reasons why that shouldn't be the case:

  1. WiiU. Do we really want Nintendo confusing people again on what their system can do? Switch is a hybrid, it should be demonstrated as such.

  2. 3DS. This was the last Nintendo portable system. It doesn't even do 540p. If Switch is advertised as a portable, people will think it's barely more powerful than the 3DS, when in reality it'll probably be more powerful than WiiU even in portable mode.

  3. Assumptions of third-party support. As with number 2, people would think Switch isn't powerful enough to handle games like Skyrim and DS3, but it is.

  4. Price. A PS4 is as cheap as $250 now, Nintendo would be able to convince absolutely nobody to buy a 3DS-like portable at that same price point. A hybrid console that receives most of the same ports and can play them on the go, however, would be a much easier sell.

  5. Portable mode is only 50% of its functionality. You wouldn't advertise a bowl as only being able to hold cereal and not soup. It's just nonsensical, marketing is meant to show off the full capabilities of any product.

Feel free to add your own, I'm sure this doesn't even cover the basics.

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