Reggie said they have been reading the boards. So here is what I would like…

Feel free to chime in and add to this, or shoot down anything.

  1. Nintendo claims to want a steady flow of games for the console, which is the reason for a poor launch lineup. Unfortunately, many people do not want to play every game you guys are releasing, so we still wind up with a drought. I would have liked Nintendo to have approached third party developers to come up with a better 3 month launch window.

  2. Streaming classic console library. Pay $X.XX for unlimited access to the classic console library while still active. Like a Netflix subscription.

  3. I saw an interview with Reggie and a YouTube influencer online where Reggie asked what (non Nintendo) games not announced we would like on Switch. Here are my suggestions. Madden Grand Theft Auto WWE 2K Resident Evil Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy

  4. We need Animal Crossing. Not some app, or mini game… a full fledged Animal Crossing. Especially since we can now bring it on the go. The character models looked great on Wii U.

  5. If you insist on us purchasing virtual console games, we want to own them for life. Let out account transfer over previously purchased content to the next generation console. Otherwise, I would like #2 on my list.

  6. When you buy both Joycons, the comfort grip should have been included at no extra charge at an $80 price tag.

  7. Can only chat online with friends? I really don't have many friends, and those friends I do have are not all playing Nintendo at the same time. Please reconsider this feature.

  8. Not everyone has a smart phone. Can you please confirm that we can chat via the headphone jack, so we can stop speculating?

  9. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime support please. And while we're at it, why not go all the way with a Facebook and Twitter application. Make it a true one stop shop for us not to switch to/from multiple devices.

  10. Continue the marketing path you guys have been doing so far. It seems very trendy and geared towards everyone, not just kids. It seemed almost like Wii U gave up on traditional marketing and went all in with hoping news sites and video game blogs would promote for them. I never seen an ad on TV or played before a YouTube video.

  11. 1, 2 Switch for $50. C'mon man. $19.99

  12. Metroid. Make it happen.

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