Remember to temper your expectations!

That's the problem with hype culture. Don't be expecting a cinematic extravaganza with this one. We've been analysing this console for months and been hearing loads of rumours. This presentation will be mostly for press, the same people who always say Nintendo is "doomed" and said the Wii U was an add-on for the Wii. I'm assuming most of it will clarify the core concept and be fairly "basic". We won't be getting a fifteen-minute gameplay demo of a new Metroid, for example.

Let's look at Sony's PS4 Pro event. That was one of the most boring press conferences I have seen in my life. As we knew what it could do there were no surprises. Well, that and it was delivered with about as much charisma as a small water biscuit.

Keep your expectations low and you will enjoy the presentation. Control your hype. Don't let it ruin the presentation for you 🙂

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