Rumor: About a Switch ad, and a picture.

A local radio program (specialized in video games, among others topics) said a few details about a supposed Nintendo Switch ad filmed here, in Argentina!. The ad was filmed at the Central Library of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of Buenos Aires University, and at some of the classrooms. You can check some pictures here.

The ad shown 3 couples of a boy and a girl: one is asiatic, another is afroamerican and the last is caucasian. They are very similar between them, and seems that are dressed similarly. This similarity is intended to demostrate to the versatility of the console, and their posibilities of integration.

This is not the first time a console ad is filmed here. Yeras ago, a Xbox ad was filmed at a main train station called "standoff". Personally, it is a very funny ad, it's a shame that it was not broadcasted on television.

Also, they diffunded this picture. Does it seem legit?

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