RUMOUR Nintendo Switch To Be Region Free

For those who were perhaps on the fence aboutNintendo's newly revealed console/portable system, entitled Nintendo Switch, perhapsa recent development from an industry insider may catch your attention.

Leading up to the system's official announcement,many have been paying attention to the Twitter account of Emily Rogers, someone with closeties to Nintendo and who has already been proven to have correctly predicted many ofthe Nintendo Switch's features.

One especially crucial piece of info has notyet been confirmed to be true yet however, but, based on everything leaked that actuallyhas come to fruition, it is extremely likely to be announced within the coming months.

As many in the media are reporting, the insideris guaranteeing 100% that the new system will be region free, meaning owners will be ableto import titles from other regions and play them on the same system.

This region-free practice has been adoptedby competitors Sony and Microsoft for some time now, whilst Nintendo has previously beensticking to the old fashioned practice of stopping users from playing games from differentregions, without buying a brand new console first.

This means great things for playing gamesnot released in certain regions, as well as titles that face unwanted changes when localisedfor different parts of the world.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions, for example, underwentheavy alterations with its Western release, stripping the title of many of the more mature,sexual themes, as well as a wide range of other changes that disappointed many fansin the West.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on thisand let you know when we have an official confirmation from Nintendo themselves, but,as stated, the news seems pretty legit based on their previous leaks.

We've also contacted Nintendo for more info,so please stay tuned and, until next time, thank you watching.

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