Saw an interesting, yet pretty insane leak on here not too long ago

It was someone with a source saying the source has relations with Nintendo in Japan or whatever. What I thought was crazy was that the mysterious Retro Studios game and new IP game we heard a while back was revealed (according to the rumor at least). The Retro Studios game was a new F-Zero game and the IP was a multiplayer focused game, and correct if I'm wrong, but I think it was called "Project Electro". Both games were coming out in late 2017 or whatever.

90% chance this fake, since the person wasn't verified, but I actually do want a new F-Zero game so yeah, I'd be down or a new game! Also the new IP sounds interesting. Can't find it now, prob removed since he wasn't verified. Thoughts?

EDIT: Came back in my mind, "Project Electro" is just a working title, also remembered it was being made by 1UP studios.

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