Saw the commercial for the Wii U version of BotW on a TV at BestBuy. It looks AWFUL

I was at BestBuy the other day to grab a TV (gotta be ready for the Switch) and my fiance pulled me over to the Breath of the Wild trailer playing on the TVs.

On both 1080p and 4K televisions at 55", the Wii U version being shown is AWFUL looking. My initial guess was that maybe the TV's were the issue. After watching something else pop up on them, only 1 of the three still had a bad picture. The other two (one was 4K and the other was 1080) looked great on the next advert.

I don't know if maybe the footage they are getting is bad or low quality. But if that is how the Wii U version looks, I feel bad for anyone who gets it on the Wii U. It looks very blurry, the ground textures looked like an absolute mess.

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