Seems like im one of the handfuls that doesnt want to know EVERYTHING in the switch before launch and heres my thoughts.

I've been seeing everyone post how much they want to see what games will be in the eshop or what it even looks like, what the settings look like and a bunch of other stuff and im over here not wanting to see it so i can at least be surprised at how it looks or what music the eshop will play lol. certain things like how online will work i understand but you have to remember that online features aren't really going to be much of a thing until the 3rd quarter of the year i think? so please i know how much all of you realllyyyyy want to see things but if you could please not keep bothering Nintendo about it that they have to release the info before launch that would be really nice for the small majority of us that want some surprise on how the ui looks like. To make this into a discussion how about naming a thing or two you dont want to see from the switch or game that others really want to see but you want to be shocked by how amazing it looks 🙂

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