Semi interesting conversation I had at EB games Australia.

Went to eb games to make sure my pre order was set due to having done so before the different versions of coloured and black was announced.

1) when I asked if pre orders were sold out, she said no way and there are plenty still available and I can choose what version I wanted 2) she said she was suprised the coloured version was really really popular. 3) she asked when I want to pick it up.. thought she was joking and said "pre-launch as soon as it comes in" She then explained to me that many ppl who pre ordered it can't afford to pick up day one so they have requested to pick it up few weeks after when they have the money.

Looks like the high cost of $460 is affecting Aussie sales compared to USA where I thought it was sold out..

Also when looking at the image there.. I hope someone makes a 3rd party joy con with a right hand nub instead of analogue stick.. I can't see how my fat hands can get to the buttons I need to there.

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