[Shitpost] Creating an Patreon for nintendo

hey Nintendo fans. Reggie here. I need a new way to make money for my company. Right now Miyamoto and I are in desperate financial trouble which will impact the launch of Zelda Breath Of The Wild and some of our other Switch launch titles 🙁 so our solution is to create a PATREON! with your support we can continue to make great games for our fans!


  • $30 per month – We can re hire Sakurai to finally make Melee HD
  • $40 Mil per month – Breath of the wild will be ready at launch
  • $50 mil per month – We will add a camera to the switch.

Okay now im gonna be a little honest. The switch is a LITTLE under powered okay. We've had to make some insane budget cuts to even make this thing! not only that but we are barely able to have a stable online network! we need your help. These next stretch goals are dedicated to making the switch a better platform.

  • $80 mil per month – The switch will have free online.
  • $700 mil per month – We will bump up the switch specs to be more on par with the PS4 pro.

Each Patreon supporter will receive a copy of Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival cause we have a lot of unsold copies of those. additionally you will be able to choose between the following rewards.

  • One Gameboy Micro
  • One Virtual Boy
  • 10 My nintendo platinum points

I hope you all will support our company in the future! XD

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