Should Nintendo go big on HD remasters with Switch?

We already know the rumour/leaks that Wii U ports are heading to Switch, should Nintendo also look to bring multiple Wii and GC games to Switch?

Reason being is, Wii and GC both had some great games on the systems but they could do with a HD boost and some updated control schemes (something that a general VC release wouldn't offer) having all of Nintendos greatest games on 1 system would be great and they could always pass the work out to devs like Tantalus so it's not all done in house.

For me, I never liked the Wii the control scheme, if they were to bring HD versions of Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 among others I would be a happy camper!

EDIT: 3DS games such as the Grezzo OoT and MM should also get a HD upgrade and brought to Switch as a collection

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