Showerthought: Design of Switch allows for dedicated handheld and home console variants to be made!

Some of you are dedicated to handheld or home console gaming as it is your preference, Switch is ideal for those who do both which was very evident last generation and generations before with Nintendo fans.

You probably won't bother with features that are pointless for your preference and Switch has set in place to allow dedicated variants for handheld and home console variants to be made though major roadblock would be issue with marketing and confusion which 2DS created with its existence.

Like 2DS it would be cheaper as some features would be removed while in case of Switch that would be optimization for handheld and home console gaming which would have lead to considerable if not significant cost reduction.

For example a home console variant of switch would not need screen nor battery for main unit and other cost cutting could be made in material and housing of hardware which in best case scenario would result in 200$ dedicated home console variant.

As for handheld variant, very little could be done to reduce price if full Joy Cons are kept, but if controls are integrated to main body which would lead to single motion sensing sensor, single larger HD Rumble rather than two separate smaller ones, no side left and right buttons that joycons have, removal of cooling fan, no need for battery that each joy con had thus single with more capacity battery that may or may not increase battery life, simpler dock without HDMI out nor need for HDMI cable, etc… bit by bit cost of production reduced that they could possibly sell it for 250…

For these two variants they can use defective chips that haven't passed necessary requirements during production such as it deviates considerably in power consumption during handheld mode yet performs well in home console mode or can't reach nessary clock for home console mode, but is power efficient in handheld mode… Thus Nintendo could use these chips that would otherwise be unused.

It this was done it may lead to fragmentation of userbase, but only in terms of how they play as owner of home console variant would not have same flexibility nor owner of handheld variant too, each has pro and cons against each other while original Switch has all pros no cons.

What do you think about this?

I think Nintendo might do this when things start to cool down after two or three years.

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