Since my last post failed horribly, allow me to rephrase. Ahem. Preorders do not equal news! Don’t preorder for news, preorder because you want a switch!

Sure, someone higher up at gamestop or any retail game store might have more information, but the guy behind the EB games counter does not. If you are on your way to preorder a switch only for "leaks" or "insider information" then I believe you're making a mistake.

Nintendo has been super strict about with holding information until the 12th. They are not going to reveal such massive info to the dudes working at your local gamestop. The game store workers are going off of leaks and rumours like anyone else.

The proof is simple. Why are different stores saying such wildly different things? Why don't they know the new titles full names? The reason is because they only know as much as everyone else.

Not to mention that these companies are trying to make money. They see hype, and build hype because hype is easy to capitalize on. Preorders are a fairly secure way of guaranteeing money to their company. It wouldn't be below certain game stores to butter people up with "leaks" just to lock in a few extra game preorders.

If you go to preorder a switch now because you want information from these dudes then you could be making a mistake. Wait until the 12th for information. If you preorder now, then do it because you genuinely want a switch. Hell Im going to preorder mine the second I can.

TL:DR: these game store workers are no more knowledgeable than the average /r/NintendoSwitch user. Don't preorder for info, you might be lead astray. Preorders because you want a switch.

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