Skyrim Switch: Of course it is the SE

Guys – I have seen so many speculations and negative feedback on Skyrim Switch since it doesnt say "SE". Here is the deal: The Special Edition did add some effects and the high def texture pack but what it really did was port the game from 32 to 64bit. There is no way and no reason to not use the new 64bit version. If the switch cant handle the better textures or effects it is zero effort for the programmers to turn them down like your PC does when you run the game on low or if they spend 10 minutes in the .ini settings (off course simplified but you get the point 😉 ).

It is unthinkable und unreasonable that the Switch Skyrim version would not be based on the SE. Why isnt it called SE then? My guess would be a possible lack of mods to be honest…

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