So I am disapointed with the line up, not saying it’s bad, but defo not for me

Personally, only one game from launch day appeals to me, Zelda… As much as I liked binding of Isaac, I'd never pay over 10 for it, 1'2switch and just dance….nah I'd rather have games I can palsy on my own super bomber an feels like a slap in the face with its price, sky lands is not challenging enough… I am setsuna..already played it….I'd love to play mario kart, just jrpgs…disgaea…F**K I LOVE THE SERIES but bored or that formula, I'd love ffxv, even tho I know there's no chance for it, kingdom hearts remix, or dragon quest. Xi..the issue is , for the choice of the games I have now, there is only one game I can preorder …..bummer

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