So I just pre-ordered my Switch at GAME and was re-assured that Day 1 bundles WILL exist!

Hey! So, I went to my local GAME to do a trade in, originally for cash but they weren't able to hand over as much as my items came to, so I opted for the credit. I was dealing with the manager of the store who's been dealing with me for years now, very good guy, and he asked if I was putting it towards anything, so I mentioned the Switch.

So he started y'know, 'the hard sale' so to speak aha, but I maintained that I was going to be waiting for a bundle before jumping on board, no matter if that'll be closer to summer or even later than that, when he actually told me that the store WILL be offering bundles on day 1, and that the pre-order is just for the guarantee of a console, no matter if you're after just the unit itself or if you'll be buying a bundle that day.

Whilst he couldn't give any information about the bundles the simple fact that they'll be offering -something- was enough to make me decide there and then to pre-order (along with 1-2 Switch, gonna get my drink on!) and I'm now VERY excited! So if anyone is on the fence about pre-ordering due to no bundle options, I'd say give GAME a shot, and when March 3rd comes around I'm certain there will be a package that'll suit!

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