So, I’ve got a question about the games shown in the reveal trailer

I've noticed there are people who are claiming that Skyrim and NBA 2k may not be on the system even though they were in the reveal, because of those statements both companies made yesterday about they hadn't confirmed anything at this time or whatever. It's worrying people that those games will not be on the console, but I've got a question regarding the other 3 games (Hold Breath of the Wild). Were Splatoon, Mario Kart (8?), and the Super Mario Switch even confirmed by Nintendo themselves? I don't believe I ever saw an article come out where they confirmed those games. But basically, the point of it is if Nintendo has not confirmed any games shown in the trailer I feel like it makes the argument that the other 2 companies not commenting on the availability of Skyrim and NBA means they possibly aren't coming to the Switch irrelevant. Can anyone confirm whether Nintendo have confirmed any games from the reveal at this point?

EDIT: So I take it because every one seems confused there WASN'T some article I missed where Nintendo officially confirmed Splatoon 2/Port, Mario Kart 9/8 Port, or Super Mario Switch? That's all I wanted to know, because if that's the case all of the stuff about Bethesda and 2k not speaking on whether both of their games shown in the reveal are coming to the Switch are irrelevant because if Nintendo themselves aren't announcing anything that would mean that they really are just waiting and worries about those games no being on the platform mean nothing.

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