So what is the general feeling around here?

Obviously this is a fan subreddit but Im assuming a pragmatic and skeptical approach after what happened with the Wii U?

Frankly I was going to buy a Wii U and the reasons I didnt had more to do with the speed of storage and very small internal storage so I did a "wait and see". I see a few things that would have made me OK with owning it given it isnt a fortune exactly to buy but overall after everything I still wasnt too hurt to not own one to put it lightly.

What is the general mood about this one? I Heard recently it was not supposed to be as powerful as a PS4 (which is like 3.5 year old tech by the time the switch releases right?) but its focusing on other features.

Does anybody else feel a little sad about this? I know its like a mid-generation release so Im not really expecting it to be so much more powerful than the PS4 And certainly not up to spec with the PS4 pro though that would rock. I feel like a concern-troll but thats certainly not my intent, I Just wonder if and how this is going to move enough units to get actual third party support and continued sales after the novelty wears off.

It seems like they are spending a ton of time trying to figure out how to make their home console emulate past successes like their handhelds and their Wii… which did not succeed on its own merits so much as release at a low price with a semi-misleading gimick it seemed. It was a good console for young kids or super casual players and this unit seems like it wont capture that audience… and the unit looks too bulky and frankly delicate to capture the portable market doesnt it?

Sorry didn't mean to rant. The reason Im asking this isnt to put the console down at all, because again mid-generation its not exactly competing for my money against other consoles outside the mid-generation upgrades on the other two, just wondering if Ill buy it and itll collect dust after the initial run of software.

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