Somebody talk me through this. (Buying a Switch)

As you all already know, the Switch is becoming extremely controversial, mainly for its launch titles and online. I've planned to buy a Switch for nearly a year and a half and even have funds set aside. So I need someone to talk me through why I should or shouldn't buy a Switch.

I keep second guessing myself. I tell myself I'll wait until Summer to buy it, that way I'll have BOTW, MK8, ARMS and Splatoon2 all at once. That way I'll have a steady catalog of games, and not worry if my purchase is justified. I figure I can get BOTW on Wii U.

If I purchase a Switch, I plan on selling my Wii U games as ports/sequels come out. (Splatoon, MK8, Smash?)

On the other hand, I'm a freak Zelda fan and have been looking forward to this game since it was announced. I "need" the definitive version of BOTW right away, so I want the Switch at launch. I figure if I buy the Switch at launch, the games will just come every few months, but I'm scared I'd get bored of it quickly. Also, the online is sounding super sketchy.

What are your guys plans for buying a Switch, and what would you suggest for me? I know this is just a bunch of scattered thoughts, but I have never been so conflicted about dropping money on a Nintendo console. Regardless, I'm hyped.

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