Something I’m really happy about: The Switch will do away with the controller (gamepad) being crazy expensive potentially to fix/replace.

I'm so glad we're getting back to a Nintendo era where the main controller/s aren't going to be SUPER expensive or time consuming to replace or fix.

The left joystick on my gamepad moves way too much when touched / is too sensitive and I very much LITERALLY can't play some games right now like Treasure Tracker as I just go off the edges so easily. Also you NEED the gamepad in Splatoon. Ugh… I like the Wii U, but It's just bonkers to me that they made a console around hardware that can easily fail and basically cause the whole gameplay experience to crash. What will happen in 15 years when you can't even get a gamepad fixed anymore? The Wii U is just entirely poof?

As a side note: Is fixing the joysticks oneself not too hard with the right tools? It's not a "resetting" thing as I've tried that several times. The left stick is neutral, but in games when I move it the characters keep moving sometimes after I let go of the stick.

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