Something many people don’t understand is that you can get better looking games on a consistent platform than an inconsistent one.

People who are getting really worked up about specs need to understand the simple fact that when a developer knows the hardware they're working with inside and out, they can make a better looking game than if it's for an inconsistent platform like a PC.

For example, if you have an Xbox One and a PC that's exactly as powerful as an Xbox One, exact same specs, the Xbox One version of a game is going to look better. The reason for this is that the PC version of the game was designed to be scalable and changeable, while the Xbox One port was made with the knowledge of the Xbox's hardware trying to squeeze the most out of it as they can. Meanwhile the PC port sees that it's not on a very powerful PC and scales everything down.

I think this sub might have too many "PC Master Race" types who think specs mean everything for a console. These people literally don't understand how consoles do anything. And I say this as someone who has and uses both.

EDIT: For those of you who are missing my point, I'm not comparing and contrasting the Xbox One and the PC. I'm stating that when a developer knows what they're working with they can more easily get more out of it.

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