Soraya saga Retweeted Nintendo switch january presentation.. Will we see New monolith game?

I took this from Neogaf from Member MomoQca.

Omg. Okay, I'll explain this as calmly and clearly as possible…

So…Soraya Saga has a history of retweeting Nintendo Directs before the event happens. Turns out that every time she retweets the announcement (whether it's a day or the week before), news of Monolith Soft's game occurs at the event.

I have gathered info that she retweeted the following events, all of which Xenoblade Chronicles X made an appearance:

-Wii U Direct on January 23, 2013 -Nintendo Direct @ E3 2013 -E3 Digital Event 2014 -Nintendo Direct (November 5, 2015)

Based on Soraya Saga's history and looking at her latest retweets (NCL, NoA, & NoE) of the Switch Presentation, there's a possibility that Monolith Soft will be presenting their next project at the event!

Also Insider of Gaf teased something about new Monolisoft game. Thanks to ShockingAlberto, an insider from NeoGaf.

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