Specs vs Success: think about the average console buyer, does the majority even know anything about specs? (Nope.)

Let's take a step back from all the spec and clock speed rumors and discuss whether this actually has any affect at all on sales as a whole. This post is not about your personal disappointment in possible specs or your desire for max graphical settings, nor about your personal preference for Nintendo or its IP. I know we like to think, well if I don't like the specs, I'll tell others not to buy it, but in the case of consoles, I don't think that bears weight. I'm the tech guy among all the people I know, and they all come to me to ask what phone to get or what laptop to get or what TV to get or will I build them a PC for gaming (even among PC gamers, half of them don't care about the PC part, they just prefer Steam as their game source). But not once has anyone ever asked what console they should get, that decision, for the majority, is not a decision based on which is "better".

The average console buyer (I'd guess 95%) doesn't know a single thing about specs and doesn't read reddit or tech news. I know dozens of console owners and not one knows a thing about the specs of the consoles they own. They bought almost entirely on the question of which games they wanted. Want Halo, get Xbox. Don't care about Mario or Master chief and you've had every PlayStation so far? Then you'll get the next PlayStation. Want Mario, you'll get Nintendo. The exception being handheld, where its just "understood" that you buy your kids a Gameboy, or its successor. Or the adult who's had every Nintendo handheld will get the next handheld. I feel this is why Vita has not done better, despite being technically superior, when people want a dedicated handheld, they just go to Nintendo without any comparison or thought of other devices, Nintendo is the Kleenex/Xerox of handhelds, Gameboy and DS are basically shorthand for handheld.

This is also where the Wii U failed, not because people stopped caring about Nintendo or that they cared about its specs being lower than the competition, but because the average console buyer didn't even understand it wasn't an add on for the Wii, thanks to Nintendo majorly overestimating consumers ability to understand specs or even the difference between a peripheral and a whole new console. The same thing many here are doing, we are overestimating the effect specs will have on sales. 95% of Switch sales will be based on games, the desire for portability, and the strength of marketing. Our perception of its specs will have almost no affect in sales.

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