Splatoon on the Switch – What I’d Like to See

  1. I want a glow in the dark mode. Basically turn all levels to pitch black and have only the the edges of buildings/structures, inkling's hair and ink glow in neon colors.

  2. Hide and go ink mode – Split into two teams where one team has no weapons at all and most of the map is covered in the color of their ink and the other team has guns. The hiding team will have 30 seconds to spread through out the map and the other team will begin to look for them immediately after that time is up.

  3. Improved local multiplayer: There should different modes for this, all involving online capabilities. If you have 4 people at home you should all be able to go online v another another team. If you have 2 players then you could pick to either be on the same team or against each other via split screen with another online team.

  4. A lengthier campaign: No need to develop much on this. I very much enjoyed the single player campaign and I would like something a little less linear that offers more areas for exploration.

Anything you'd like to see?

Discussion started at here by jpct88

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