Star Fox 2 HD

With all the talk about Earthbound 3 HD or Mother 4 or what ever your preference of Mother game. I have always been a fan proto early concept or unrelased games for Nintendo. One game in particular is Star Fox 2 which was a 99% complete game for the Super Nintendo canned to shift focus on development for new hardware being the N64. I want to see a one to one creation of this beauty of a game just with 3D models. Obviously the original was canned due to the graphical enhancements of N64 compared to SNES but why should an entire game go to waste. I'm pretty sure its been said that theres enough buttons on a single Joy Con for SNES controller. This could be a relatively cheap production honestly and still great cult classic. Do you agree would you buy the unreleased Star Fox 2 in any form for the Switch?

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