State of Mind is an UE4 game (possibly coming out in March)

Daedalic Entertainment is a german studio, that has been working on a 3D transhumanism adventure game called State of Mind with Martin Ganteföhr

On 13th Jan they announced State of Mind will also come over to switch.

Here are some interesting documents from the company on the game

It is stated for launch in Q1 2017 (I guess it may come out in late march)

  1. Fact Sheet-

  2. Press Relase –

  3. More artwork and videos

To me the game looks very modern and fantastic. Hope they launch all versions together which I think is possible as it is a UE4 game, and both Epic games and Nintendo can help handle the porting in time.

This could be the first western third-party title using UE4 on switch. show some love to Daedalic entertainment on twitter.

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