Super Bomberman R: Trailer/Treehouse Analysis

What This Is And Why Would I Do This To Myself?

I kept seeing a lot of speculations tossed around for Super Bomberman R, like how the game is just a remake of the original Super Bombermans or that it's going to have micro-transitions. And although there have been a few posts about how people are interested in the new Bomberman game, I have't seen much about what is to be expected in the game. I feel this is mostly due to the fact that Konami has kept a lot of the single player mode and features in multiplayer in the dark as to what we can expect, but out of curiosity (and a slight obsession of the Bomberman franchise) I decided to look into what can observe through the trailer and Treehouse demo to see if I can find anything…to which my surprise, I actually did. So the reason for this lengthy analysis is so that some of the content that hasn't been discussed can be brought up and it might clear up some misconceptions about the game. Not really trying to sell you on getting this game, though the more Bomberman players the better! Just really wanted to toss out what I found (no spoilers) and figured people might or might not find it interesting.

Super Bomberman: The Prequels

There will be a lot of comparison between older SNES Super Bomberman games, so in case you are not familiar with the series here my super quick rundown of it: Super Bomberman is a strategic maze game about an alien named Bomberman (duh) who has the ability to create bombs and goes around the universe with friends/family/green-kangaroo-things-named-Louie to stop the Fiendish Bombers, his nemesis Professor Bagura, and other baddies from taking over said universe. There are a total of five games in the Super Bomberman series (only the first two released in the US), all of which have about 1-2 hours worth playtime through each story mode. All of the SNES Super Bomberman games only let you move horizontally or vertically due to the map designs, and the goal is for you to complete an objective on each stage, typically killing everything in sight. 5-6 worlds are in each game, and each world containing 5-7 levels and a boss. The best part though is the multiplayer aspect, which is the same as just about all other Bomberman games: blow up your friends! If you haven't played one before, definitely try it out!

So now that there's an understanding of what the game is based off of, lets jump into some of the stuff. (I'll toss in a TL:DR at the end).

The "Trailer"

So the official Super Bomberman R trailer is…well, in my own opinion is kind of mediocre. It's a little too quick, with a lot of everything going on in the first 15 seconds, and then last 15 seconds it feels like they just tossed in a little 4Kids cartoon clip to make it to a full 30. However, I'm not doing this analysis to pick on the trailer, just what content the trailer has to offer. So lets look at what they do give us:

  • 0:03: So right off the bat it shows those magnets that were in the treehouse special, which actually first appeared in Super Bomberman 2. This meaning that we can likely eliminate just a straight Super Bomberman 1 3D remake. Also shows the two player story mode, which I think is pretty well known at this point and was already content in the Super Bomberman series.

  • 0:06-0:09: This is where it gets more interesting. It shows not one, but two maps that (99.9% confident) are not in the Super Bomberman series! In fact, none of the maps shown on the trailer or Treehouse are from an older game! This is great to see because that means this game is likely a brand new Bomberman story with all new maps. Or at least a mash-up of the other Bombermans with new maps in the mix. Either way, new puzzles!

  • 0:09-0:11: So this is the only clip of a boss fight I have seen of the game. It is for sure an original boss in the Super Bomberman universe, but the even cooler thing about this is the free-roam Red Bomber movement (not just horizontal and vertical) and a fully open map. None of the other Super Bomberman games had both of these and this potentially opens up some additional ways to make some challenges to the story mode!

  • 0:12-0:14: Up to 8 Player multiplayer, which has been known. However, looks to be a 12×14 square size for 4 player and 12×18 for 8 player (including the sidelines for the revenge cart setting). Nothing abnormal at first glance, but something to keep in mind for the Treehouse Special…

  • 0:15-0:30: Giant boss thing with some characterization speech from the Bomber family, including three new Bombers. One thing that is noteworthy is the cover photo at the end shows not only what appears to be a non-blue Professor Bagura (kind of like the Dr. Robotnik of Bomberman), but also the Fiendish Bombers are on the box as well, who are reoccurring bosses for a lot of the Super Bomberman games! This is a good sign that there will be at least 6 bosses for the game. Also nice they are bringing back the ol gang for this, and hopefully there will be some added character to them given the voice acting that was stated in the main game page.

Treehouse Special

The Nintendo Treehouse review of Super Bomberman R started off a bit rocky, but once they got going they showed some nice game-play and a few features of the game that are definitely worth bringing up.

Note: Could be the case that this is that it could be a demo version while the final version will have different things but given all of the settings on the story mode, menu, and multiplayer I'd say it's unlikely.

  • 2:25-2:43: Cosmetic unlocks from gems, meaning there is some additional customization for the game that the other Super Bomberman's didn't have. Think this was also confirmed by some other Redditors who got to try the game out.

  • 3:30-3:38: Looks to be names that can be added and selected when choosing your character. Also, each character seems to show different personality so that is a nice addition.

  • 8:11-8:35: Stages have more than just "Kill all the enemies!". There are other goals to stages as well, such as activating switches as they showed. This was actually seen in Super Bomberman 2, but nevertheless still good to know it's not just the killing things goal.

  • 10:40-11:09: Confirmation that gems are EARNED IN-GAME and can either be used for cosmetics or for continues (possibly other stuff as well). I saw a lot of people on Twitch spamming about micro-transitions when this popped up which I guess started the rumor around, but just to make sure it's clear, the guy literally said it's earned in-game.

  • 11:42-11:52: Multiplayer can be up to 8 players on one Switch (Multiplayer Battle), up to 8 Switches together (Local Battle), or an online mode (Online Battle). This does seem to further confirm that the tweet that was found recently does likely mean only needing one cartridge, as it shows Local Battle message at the bottom shows "Battle with a nearby Nintendo Switch" and the question that was asked was if Local Multiplayer just needs one game. Would feel that they would correct it to Multiplayer battle if they were talking about just one Switch…

  • 11:52-12:07: More stuff on the menu. First, some basic mods to each game, such as number of sets and time, can be made. Also, Revenge Carts (sideline bombing to try and get back in the game) as well as Pressure Blocks (blocks that fall down near the end of the time limit) are back! There is also a setting called "Special Abilities", which I am assuming it's stuff like Bomb Punch, Bomb Kick, Remote Bombs, etc. but not 100% certain.

  • 12:07-12:14: Remember the 12×14 and 12×18 stages from the trailer? What I found interesting on this section is that there are two tabs for stages: Normal and Special. The normal stages show 8 different stages, but none of them are the stage from the trailer. On top of that, all of these maps are 13×15 stages, while the 4 player map before was 12×14. This would mean that there are more than just those 8 stages shown, and more varieties of stage sizes then what was showcased! It is also mentioned that they wanted to do the ice stage for the 8 player map, meaning that these maps are likely elongated to account for the extra players.

Official Site

So the last thing I wanted to touch on is the Official Site for the game. There is not much here and it's obviously not a video, but something I wanted to note on is that each of the boss photos that was similar to the clip: Each one is not only a new boss that hasn't appeared before in a Super Bomberman game, but all also appear to have a free-roam movement fight to them!

Last Thoughts

So the big question that still lingers is: Is it worth the $50? Even at $40 if you have Amazon Prime/Best Buy GCU?

Honestly, as a big Bomberman fan…no idea.

Again, not trying to sell people on this game. If you are on the fence, might be better to wait and see what people think or give it a try if there is a demo. For all we know, this game could bomb terribly (pun intended), and as I said I think Konami could have done better to show more to what the game has to offer. I had fun going through everything trying to find out what I can, but I do believe they should open up a bit more on what we can expect from the game. Is there a possibility for customer stages under the Special stage tab? What type of things can online do?

More info would be nice…but then again, I think a lot of the Switch stuff feels that way right now and will likely feel that way until release. Just 30 more days…


Some info on Super Bomberman R that I have not seen mentioned much, if at all:

  • Super Bomberman R is not a rewash of a previous Super Bomberman. It is a new game with new bosses, maps, story (supposedly) and map completion mechanics, all in 3D.

  • Some of the new bosses, if not all, have free-roam fight mechanics (not just horizontal or vertical movement) and open boss rooms, which were together not in the Super Bomberman series. This could be a very fun change if utilized correctly.

  • Return of the Five Fiendish Bombers along with what appears to be Professor Bagura from the previous games.

  • Gems, earned in-game, can be used for continues and cosmetic changes to Bombers. No micro-transitions have been stated to be in the game.

  • 2-8 Multiplayer from either normal multiplayer on one switch, linking switches together (likely just needing one cartridge as mentioned in another thread), or online play.

  • Multiplayer customization with basic game settings as well as some classic game modifications, such as Revenge Carts and Pressure Blocks.

  • Normal and Special multiplayer maps, with different size 4 player maps. 8 Player maps likely elongated versions of 4 player maps.

  • I have spent way too much time researching and writing this than I care to admit.

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