Super Mario Galaxy on the switch?

I love super Mario Galaxy. Everything from the impressive soundtrack to the amazing planet physics. It's on of the few games I truly enjoy and love with a passion. I am planning to buy a switch in March, and the hope of super Mario Galaxy 1,2, and possibly a 3 coming to the switch excites me. Of course, there is no proof about any of this but I sincerely hope Nintendo has a way of porting this stuff to the switch. There have been rumors that GameCube games have been prepped for the switch and Wii is closely related to GameCube. The joy-cons do offer an apparent support for Wii games because they are long and slender with IR blasters. Is anyone else hyped about GameCube support and other virtual consoles? I'm hoping the switch will be a one stop shop for 3rd party games, new Nintendo games, and Nintendo classics. Heck! GameCube support alone would get my money flying in the air. I just hope the switch will be everything we hoped. What are your opinions on this?

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