Switch audio Output / Input during handheld play

2 questions – –

First, I have read conflicting reports about whether or not the switch would support Bluetooth audio output. I know that Nintendo filed for some sort of of Bluetooth patent, but I'm not sure that it was related and I also saw some claims that there was no BT receiver inside the device (which would be extremely disappointing considering the low power draw of BT and the fact that it is 2017).

Secondly, will the handheld support any audio input? One of the main selling features of this console/device (at least to me) was that it would function the same way attached to a display as it would on the go. I have a hotspot on my phone, so the ability to play multiplayer over LTE WiFi and chat over the Nintendo network with a headset would be cool. Also, considering the fact that the network is a paid service now.. It wouldn't make send that you would only get use of that when the device is docked. Especially since this device was theoretically designed to be play 50% home, 50% on the go.

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