Switch being underpowered won’t really matter

The rumored specs of the Nintendo Switch are already having people worried. The fact that it isn't as powerful as the base PS4 and Xbone is already making people call doom. However, it's not as bad as you may think, and for one reason. Specs, don't make systems good. Look, I like my gaming hardware to be at least competent, but I don't ask for bleeding edge tech or graphics. After, are graphics really why we play Video Games?

For what it is, the Switch is as powerful as it needs to be, and looks to have better hardware than the Wii U since It's not using an outdated CPU architecture or some needlessly complex GPGPU nonsense, meaning it should be way easier to develop for. While it would be nice if we could get PS4 or even PS4 Pro power, I'm fine with the Switch as is for now.

Besides, Nintendo has shown time after time that specs don't sell systems, compelling software does. They proved this with the Game Boy, the DS, the Wii, and even the 3DS. It's called lateral thinking with withered technology. Just because it failed with Wii U, doesn't make it ineffective now. Developers will go to any platform as long as there's a large audience for it. Activision for example, managed to get Call of Duty on the DS of all things simply because of it's crazy install base.

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