Switch Commercial Ideas Thread

Let's post ideas we have of commercials they can use to sell the Switch or just show how cool of an item it could be:

A continuation of ideas they have already shown: A young woman is playing the Switch on her living room TV using the two Joy-Con's in her hands with her boyfriend/husband on his laptop working next to her. She snaps the Joy-Cons in place, takes the Switch out of the dock and heads out to do some chores. See her continue playing the Switch on the train in portable mode. Comes back and sees that husband is now watching Sports with his buddies in the living room, so she takes the Switch into the bedroom and docks it there on their second Dock and continues playing. The final shot would show her playing on one Dock in the bedroom while looking down at the second dock in the living room. Would really help sell the portability and the idea that you can dock it in any switch dock.

Joke but would be awesome if they did it commercial: A guy is playing an online Splatoon match on his tv and suddenly you hear his stomach rumble. Undocks the switch just in time to shoot someone as he runs to the restroom. Shuts the door on the camera but you can still hear the music as he continues playing.

Keep it goin!

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