Switch free online play will be that “Blue Ocean”?

We speculate about price tag, I'am sure it will be USD250-299, game included and with two controllers ready to play 1 player, couch multiplayer, local multiplayer with other switchs and online multiplayer (i guess that game)… see, portable and console mode, 2 x 1, remember PS2+DVD or PS3+BR? It's really similar aprox. of that (hybrid) idea.

By the other hand, I always keep thinking about that "blue ocean" concept. We're gamers who enjoy online play years ago (Fifa on Ngage my first time I recall) and it was pure magic. Many kids and adults experience the same thing on IOS or Android nowadays. I'm sure they want more deep experience of that, at affordable price and – like Super Mario Run's mobile haters probes – FOR FREE.

I think I made the point, you're super clever here in reddit. Besides the beauty of tech discussion, pokerface third parties, leakers that enjoy last days of glory, bizarre mockups and "glorious" double dicks, a ton of fanboys and haters, really I think this japans guys are doing a fine job that it's good for all of us, including Sony and Microsoft.

*** Excuse my lack of english, not my native language.

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